Patent Prosecution

SGR’s patent prosecution lawyers possess technical backgrounds and degrees in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial and biomedical engineering. Our patent legal services include opinion work, such as patentability, clearance, infringement and invalidity opinions, patent preparation and prosecution, reexaminations and reissues, due diligence, appellate and interference work, procurement, oppositions, licensing, litigation, and expert witness testimony.

Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices

The fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices are multidisciplinary and encompass complex sciences and technologies. Our patent lawyers have expertise in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical arts. We procure patents in the fields of pharmacology, vaccines, gene therapy, stem cells, diagnostics, immunology, medical devices, plant biology, biofuels, bio-agriculture, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biosynthetics, bioengineering, bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine. We are often invited to be featured speakers and lecturers on cutting edge biotech patent issues at conferences and seminars.

Chemistry/Chemical Arts

Chemical inventions can be multidisciplinary and can occur in nontraditional chemical industries. A unifying theme for these inventions is their reliance on chemical principles and behavior.

Our patent attorneys are well versed in the chemical arts and can handle both the inventions of an individual inventer and those of the recognized scientist working in a government, university or corporate laboratory. Our current clients recognize this ability and depend on us to secure patent rights for them, both here and abroad, in a timely and effective manner. Our clients include individual inventors, government entities, universities, and multinational corporations. The chemical inventions we help protect range from the latest nanoparticle to the last computer-controlled chip manufacture process.

The range of our patent attorneys’ collective skills allows us to provide technology assessments, secure patent rights and defend or assert those rights in court. Our patent attorneys can assist in patent portfolio management and provide client counseling including activities such as due diligence, opinions, and strategic counseling. We also employ post-grant procedures and/or preemptive measures, to assist the client in attaining their goals.


Our patent attorneys have backgrounds in electrical and computer engineering, computer science and physics. We procure patents for our clients for many types of electronics, computer and software technologies, including internet-related technologies, communications technologies, telecommunication, networking, medical imaging, software applications, operating systems, optics, control systems, analog circuitry, digital signal processing, artificial intelligence, video, and audio signal processing, integrated circuits, photovoltaic cells, and semiconductor inventions.


Our mechanical patent group is anchored by attorneys with deep experience in obtaining patent protection in all mechanical pursuits. These include complex controlled systems such as semiconductor processing and cutting equipment, precise detection and movement mechanisms in image processing, vehicle systems, medical devices, furnaces, catalyst systems, and polyurethane production equipment and resultant products. This group has attorneys who began their careers as examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and who acquired an in-depth, inside knowledge of the USPTO’s rules and expectations. With our appreciation of our client’s intellectual property needs and our understanding of the Examiners who consider their applications, we continually provide top quality services for our clients in protecting their mechanical developments. And, as is also true of our other practice disciplines, the resources of our mechanical practice group are broadened by the frequent participation of attorneys in other disciplines, including our electrical, chemical and biotechnology groups. With our diverse team, we offer our clients a full range of intellectual property services in all mechanical arts.

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