Biotechnology / Life Sciences

While Smith, Gambrell & Russell assists clients with maneuvering through the complicated and volatile intellectual property landscape in all fields of technology, we have specific expertise in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical arts.

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field composed of complex sciences and technologies. However, while some firms carve biotechnology into specialized subgroups, such as pharmacology, vaccines, gene therapy, stem cells, diagnostics, immunology, medical devices, plant biology, biofuels, bioagriculture, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biosynthetics, bioengineering, bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics, nanotechnology, personalized medicine, etc., SGR makes it simple as any subject matter relating to a living organism or a bioprocess is considered to be biotech — and we do biotech.

We have technical degrees in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and other closely related fields. We have extensive research and development experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and are often invited to be featured speakers and lecturers on cutting edge biotech patent issues at various conferences and seminars. We, however, are lawyers first and use our legal expertise to help our clients — the scientists, inventors, manufacturers, and innovators — attain their goals by protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights while avoiding the rights of others.

Our legal services include opinion work, such as patentability, clearance, infringement and invalidity opinions, patent preparation and prosecution, reexaminations and reissues, appellate and interference work, trademark searches, procurement, and oppositions, licensing, litigation and expert witnessing. We deliver our legal services with personalized attention and care at competitive rates.

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