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SGR Alumni Program – Stay Connected

You helped make us the success we are today. You are and always will be a part of the SGR family/community. We pride ourselves in remaining dedicated to those who made us a success – present and past. Your current and former colleagues at SGR are dedicated to remaining connected through the SGR Alumni Program.

The SGR Alumni Program is open to all former SGR attorneys.

Join the SGR Alumni Program to reconnect with former colleagues, alumni and old friends. Let SGR’s Alumni Program be your strongest network. Sign up and receive announcements, newsletters, event invitations and more. Find out what current and former SGR lawyers are up to now.

The SGR Alumni Program is the best way to preserve relationships with your former colleagues. Staying in touch with alumni will broaden your list of networking connections. By creating a network with a wider knowledge base within the marketplace, your fellow alumni can serve as resources in developing mutually beneficial relationships. This strategic partnership will allow for potential “cross-teaming.”

Stay connected by joining the SGR LinkedIn group.

The SGR Alumni Program is more than just another professional network. It is a way to connect to a network of support and become a part of the growing SGR global community.


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