SGR Labs

SGR Labs is an innovation team comprised of legal practitioners, engineers, and software developers. SGR Labs is partnering with software developers and thought leaders in the legal industry to develop and provide practical legal solutions in a quickly evolving legal landscape. The initiative, which provides a platform for research and collaboration across practice groups, has three initial mandates: software implementation, data analytics, and automation.

Software Implementation

  • Procurement, development, and education in software to ensure SGR attorneys and clients are efficiently leveraging technology in their practice.

Data Analytics

  • Collection and analysis of practice information to better understand how practices and procedures overlap with client value.


  • Leveraging artificial intelligence, human-machine interfacing, and a new age assembly line to provide the highest quality legal work product in a cost/time-sensitive environment.

SGR Labs is led by Michael J. Riesen, Executive Director and Indhira A. LaPuma, Director of Operations.

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