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With over 100 years of experience, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP is an internationally acclaimed, full-service law firm that provides legal counsel to organizations in over 45 specialized practice areas. Capitalizing on the success and expertise of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, a team of legal practitioners, engineers and software developers formed SGR Labs.

The SGR Labs team is comprised of thought leaders within the legal industry, tasked with developing and implementing practical solutions within a quickly evolving landscape. In partnership with highly-skilled software developers, SGR Labs has designed a platform for research and collaboration purposes, encompassing a variety of disciplines.

Serving large and mid-sized companies, public and private, domestic and international, this initiative promotes collaborative efforts for an array of businesses and organizations. Our industries of focus include: automotive, aviation, construction, design, energy, environmental, entertainment, art, sports, financial services, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and technology, to name a few.

SGR Labs utilizes a proven methodology, adhering to specific mandates, used to benefit diverse client profiles among an assortment of practice fields. This program features a three-prong approach centered on the tenants of software implementation, data analytics and automation.

Software Implementation

Software implementation refers to the procurement and development of software tools, that ensure SGR attorneys and clients are efficiently leveraging technology within their practice.

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP and SGR Labs have united to implement in-house tools for navigating today’s competitive business landscape. By aligning forces with our clients and their development teams, we are able to foster integration of services within specific development cycles. This collective approach makes for improved claim strategy and increases value of legal spend.

Additionally, SGR Labs has implemented a customizable docket to efficiently track patent filings and share information with various stakeholders in a user-friendly format. We are aware that not all stakeholders in the IP process prefer the traditional docket report. As such, we offer a variety of formatting options, customizable to specified audiences.

Another feature provided by the SGR Labs platform is the option to utilize patent review tools. This selection ensures consistency in draft applications and responses for our clients and streamlines the review process.

Data Analytics

The collection and analysis of pertinent information allows practices to better understand procedures and how that process corresponds with client value. Data analytics aids organizations in optimizing their performance and identifying new opportunities.

SGR Labs has implemented tools that provide data-driven insights relating to patent filings, examiners and disposition of applications. By analyzing legal spend, we are also able to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and detailed budget projections.


We are proud to offer powerful business automation tools and services that help elevate operations for our clients. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), human-machine interfacing, and a state-of-the-art assembly line. These features are designed to provide the highest quality legal work product, working within the constraints of a time and cost sensitive environment.

Taking it one step further, SGR Labs has connected with some of the most innovative software developers in the industry to advance automation protocols. Supported by AI tools, we offer a groundbreaking “hybrid model,” for preparing draft patent applications. Furthermore, SGR Labs has devised automated draft response templates, and other forms, to allow our attorneys to get back to focusing on the job at hand.

At SGR Labs, our mission is to develop and implement the most effective methods for supporting our attorneys. This approach is mutually beneficial, as it also supplies our clients with extraordinary quality of care and service excellence.

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