Dec 7, 2017

“We Have a Deal” Email Established an Enforceable Settlement, and “Standard” Release Was Not a Material Term of the Settlement

Email on Keyboard

In Scheinmann v. Dykstra, 2017 WL 1422972 (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 21, 2017), a New York federal court considered the issues of whether a series of emails was sufficient to establish an enforceable settlement agreement between the parties, and whether a “standard” release was part of the deal. In this lawsuit against a former Mets baseball player, Lenny Dykstra, brought by his social media manager, the federal court held that emails constituted an enforceable settlement, even without a formal settlement agreement and even though one of the parties expected a “standard” release to be part of the settlement. On March 13, 2017,… Read more