Feb 5, 2020

EPA Adds 160 PFAS for Toxics Release Reporting

EPA Releases New Toxic Report

One hundred sixty (160) polyfluoroalkyls (“PFAS”) have been added to the list of chemicals requiring reporting under the Toxics Release Inventory (“TRI”) by the EPA.  EPA gave official notice on December 31 to industry reporters that they must begin tracking and collecting data on PFAS starting on January 1, 2020.  Reporting for those chemicals now on the list will be due to the EPA by July 1, 2021.  The requirement mandating immediate additions to the TRI comes even as the EPA is continuing with its advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking released last December announcing possible PFAS additions to the TRI. … Read more

Sep 20, 2013

EPA Finalizes Rule Requiring Electronic Filing of Reports to Toxics Release Inventory

In a final rule published in The Federal Register on August 27, the EPA is requiring that facilities who report their chemical releases through the Toxics Release Inventory file their reports electronically.  The rule, which will be effective on January 21, 2014, will make it easier for facilities who are required to report releases and transfers of toxic chemicals at industrial facilities to accurately and quickly create those reports and decrease the EPA’s cost to process the forms.  Manufacturing, metal mining, coal mining, electric utilities and commercial hazardous waste treatment facilities are among the 26 industries that must report under the… Read more