Nov 28, 2018

California Moves to Tighten Truck Exhaust Standards Ahead of EPA

Truck Exhaust Standards

On November 13, the EPA announced that it will reopen existing federal standards for smog-forming pollution limits for heavy trucks.  California, which has some of the worst smog in the country, has announced that it cannot wait for the federal rulemaking process and is proceeding with setting its own, potentially more stringent standards. California is completing its testing of heavy duty truck engines that have the potential to emit far fewer nitrogen oxides (NOx) – an ozone precursor – than those currently in use. If successful, the new engines’ technology could become the new standard for truck engines in the… Read more

Aug 22, 2012

EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

A three judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington has scrapped the EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule which was issued on July 2011.  The rule was the EPA’s attempt to address the problem of legally permitted emissions crossing state lines causing the downwind state to be out of compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.  Two of the judges on the panel sided with more than three dozen challengers to the EPA’s rule which imposed caps on emissions for 27 states.  The rule imposed a cap on sulfur dioxide which can lead to acid rain harmful… Read more