Jul 14, 2014

Iowa Supreme Court Decides That Solar Power Provider Is Not a Public Utility and Not Governed by Exclusive Territorial Restrictions

In a case closely watched nationwide, the Iowa Supreme Court last Friday, July 11, affirmed a lower court decision allowing the use of power purchase agreements (PPAs) to finance the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy facilities. SZ Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Eagle Point Solar v. Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), a Division of the Department of Commerce, State of Iowa, Iowa Supreme Court No. 13-0642 (July 11, 2014). Because of the significant upfront cost of installation of solar panels on residences and businesses, solar energy providers commonly absorb the upfront installation cost and recoup their investment through sale of the electricity produced… Read more

May 24, 2013

California Safer Consumer Products Regulation Anticipated As Early as July 2013

Earlier this year, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) released its revised proposed Safer Consumer Products (SCP) regulations, and a public comment period has expired as of February 2013.  The law, anticipated to become effective as early as July 2013, is intended for regulators to identify consumer products for sale or distribution in California containing hazardous chemicals and to prompt producers to consider safer alternatives to those chemicals. When effective, the SCP regulations will implement laws passed in 2008 known as the “California Green Chemistry Initiatives”, establishing an expansive, complex and potentially costly new regulatory regime conceivably applicable… Read more

Jun 4, 2012

Smart Water Grid Offers Communities Cost-Effective Water Supply Options

Providing and managing an adequate supply of water continues to be one of the most challenging governmental functions in today’s world. With a heavy impact on the economy and quality of life made worse by drought and a growing population, effective water management needs to be certain, efficient, and cost-effective for local communities to develop and prosper. “Quality of life for a community both now and in the future is our goal,” said Stephen E. O’Day, partner and head of the sustainability practice at Smith, Gambrell & Russell.  “We have a tremendous opportunity to help communities thrive and control the cost of… Read more

May 25, 2012

Georgia Environmental Protection Division Proposes Amendments To Increase Regulation of Inert Waste Landfills

The Georgia EPD recently proposed amendments to the state’s solid waste management regulations governing permits for inert waste landfills.  The proposed amendments will now require new inert waste landfills to obtain a comprehensive solid waste handling permit to operate.  The amendments also set forth design and operational standards which must be met before an inert waste landfill is approved and a permit issued for construction and operation. Inert waste is classified as soil, concrete, cured asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings and debris from land clearing operations.  Under the current Georgia Solid Waste Management Rules, inert waste landfills enjoyed permit-by-rule status,… Read more