Private Equity/Venture Capital

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP attorneys have extensive experience representing both investors and issuers of all types in private equity/venture capital transactions.

Investor clients have included buyout firms, venture capital firms, funds and domestic and foreign investors of all types, focused on all different stages of investment–start-up capital, growth capital, mature private equity, management buyouts and recapitalizations. Issuer clients have ranged from established operating companies in mature industries to startup technology companies.

Issues that are routinely addressed in this area include strategizing over optimal deal structures, registration rights, put and call provisions, co-sale rights, drag along rights, preemptive rights, liquidation preferences and participation rights, anti-dilution provisions, exit strategies, preferential voting provisions, Board membership and other corporate governance issues, conversion and redemption features, information rights and optimal allocations of equity (whether in the form of capital stock, options, warrants or otherwise).

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