Diversity Council Charter

Diversity Vision Statement

SGR provides a work environment where each person is valued for his or her perspectives, skills and talents, is treated respectfully, is able to communicate openly and is encouraged to develop to his or her full potential as a contributor to the success of the firm and the communities we serve.

Diversity Mission Statement

To manage diversity so as to enhance the workplace and, in so doing, achieve competitive advantage.

Council Purpose

To lead and guide the diversity management process with respect to policies and practices that achieve the Diversity Vision and Mission of the firm.

Guiding Principles

  • Diversity encompasses the unique characteristics, perspectives, skills and talents of everyone at SGR.
  • Effective diversity management
    • entails maintaining an environment where each person is valued and allowed to contribute to his or her full potential.
    • is required to achieve our mission: to enhance our workplace and, in so doing, achieve competitive advantage.
  • Everyone at SGR takes responsibility for diversity management and recognizes its importance to the firm.
  • Diversity management is the right thing to do.

Diversity Management

Diversity management is a strategic process consisting of four components:

  1. Managing representation at all levels
  2. Understanding differences — educating team members and valuing the contributions of their diverse characteristics, perspectives, skills and talents
  3. Creating and maintaining systems, policies, practices and behaviors that enable all team members to fulfill their ambitions and contribute to the firm’s success
  4. Sustaining strategic focus on the team members, clients, communities, vendors/suppliers, law students and other internal and external factors that impact our business.

Diversity Committee

Julie Sebastian Sasha Greenberg Anne Pitter
Julie SebastianAndrew Patterson Sasha GreenbergJohn Ethridge Anne PitterJason Bell
Andrew PattersonMichael Manzi John EthridgeJennifer Lawson Jason BellNellie Lefteratos
Michael Manzi Jennifer Lawson Nellie Lefteratos
Florian Stamm
Florian Stamm
Dion Bass
Dion Bass
Susan Atkinson
Susan Atkinson
Anthony Cochran
Tony Cochran
Patrick Cain
Patrick Cain
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Walker
Susanne Brown
Susanne Brown

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