Nov 5, 2018

Product Warranties in the Amazon Age

Product Warranties: Amazon boxes ready to ship

New products typically come with warranties. Those warranties also can include other provisions that affect the consumer’s legal rights such as disclaimers of warranties and arbitration clauses. These days, products often aren’t purchased at a store. Consumers purchase them with the click of a mouse, and they are delivered to the front door. How do… Read more

Sep 5, 2017

Beware of Post-Closing Actions Having a Retro-Active Pre-Closing Impact

Balance Sheet

We are now in September, and with the turn of the Gregorian calendar, comes the unofficial end of summer for both the United States and Israel.  Most have taken their summer holidays, the children are back in school, and the company transaction environment gains new momentum for the balance of the calendar year.  It is… Read more

Jan 7, 2015

The Spearin Doctrine: Determining Who Bears the Risk of Design Errors

Authored by: Scott Cahalan and Darren Rowles (for Georgia Utility Contractors Association’s (GUCA) monthly publication “Underground Connection”) All owners, contractors, and subcontractors should carefully negotiate contract clauses that govern their relationships.  In addition, all construction participants should be aware of the many implied obligations in construction contracts.  An implied obligation is one that is not expressly… Read more