Jul 29, 2020

EPA Proposes Carbon Limits for Airplanes

Airplane CO2 Emissions

On Wednesday, July 21, the EPA proposed a new rule to set greenhouse emission standards for certain types of aircraft under the Clean Air Act.  Under the proposal, the EPA will adopt domestic standards that conform with the International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines which require reduced carbon dioxide emissions from new aircraft starting in 2028.  The proposed rule is welcomed by most major commercial aircraft manufacturers who already comply with the ICAO standards. For more information, please contact Phillip Hoover.

Apr 14, 2014

OSHA Inspectors Set High Beams on Auto Parts Manufacturers in the Southeast

If you are a motor vehicle parts manufacturer within Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, your probability of undergoing a comprehensive on-site Federal OSHA safety inspection within the next two years is virtually certain, according to the recently launched OSHA Region IV “Regional Emphasis Program for Safety in the Auto Parts Industry” (REP). The program, announced earlier this year, seeks to reduce workplace exposure to safety and health hazards in the motor vehicle parts supply industry, emphasizing the most common causes of injury and the most frequently cited violations, comprising lock out/tag out; machine guarding; and electrical-related hazards. In light of OSHA’s… Read more