Apr 13, 2020

Updates: New York Federal & State Courts

NY Courts

In less than two weeks, there have been several changes to the response of the New York Federal & State Courts to COVID-19.  This blog post is to provide an update to our prior blog post that may be found here. New York Federal Courts SDNY All jury trials are now suspended until at least June 1, 2020. In-court appearances are restricted to “emergency matters” NDNY Most criminal proceedings are now temporarily being held remotely via Skype. New York State Court Court of Appeals  The Court of Appeals will not hear oral argument during the April/May session and the building… Read more

Apr 1, 2020

Response by the New York Federal & State Courts to COVID-19

NY Court House

New York Federal Courts OVERVIEW The response by the federal courts of New York to COVID-19 has been less drastic than the response by the New York State (“NYS”) courts. For example, in NYS court, pursuant to the Administrative Order of Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks, all non-essential proceedings are halted. That means no filing of any kind – electronic or hard copy – is permitted. And pursuant to the Executive Order signed by Governor Cuomo, as of March 20, all time limits prescribed by New York procedural law, and all statues of limitations, are tolled until April 19, 2020…. Read more