May 5, 2021

Avoiding the Most Common Mistake Tenants Make When Renewing a Commercial Lease

Many tenants think renewing a commercial lease or exercising a pre-existing and pre-negotiated option to expand or extend is an easy process that can be handled without the involvement of a lawyer.  It’s not.  Oftentimes a landlord is more willing to give legal or financial benefits to a new tenant and not offer these same benefits to an existing tenant.  An existing tenant often feels that they have been a “good” tenant (i.e., paying on time, not making complaints, etc.) and that the landlord will take this into account and offer them the same incentives it would offer to a… Read more

May 19, 2015

Force Majeure Events and Contract Clauses

Recent events have again demonstrated the fragility of the network of overseas suppliers for industries ranging from automobile manufacturers to big-box retailers. Supply disruptions can be caused by labor disputes at port facilities; by piracy, cyclones or other events that disrupt goods-in-transit; and by natural or man-made events such as earthquakes or armed conflicts that disrupt production or transportation in an overseas country. Unfortunately, the construction industry is not immune to disruptions in the supply of goods from foreign sources. Most construction contracts include a force majeure provision; however, not all such provisions are created equal. Some provisions do not… Read more