Mar 28, 2022

Department of Energy Announces Domestic Battery Strategy

Made In USA

On Friday, March 18, Energy Secretary, Jenner Granholm announced a program to develop lithium batteries in the United States as a part of a broader strategy to help Appalachia amid a transition away from coal.  The lithium batteries are necessary components of electric vehicles and are used for storage on the U.S. electrical grid; however, the U.S. relies almost entirely on international markets for the processing of most raw materials.  As a part of its plan, the Department has announced $5,000,000 in funding for pilot projects to be located in the 13-state Appalachia region.  One such project, the development of… Read more

Dec 4, 2018

When Is It Okay To Label My Product As “Made In USA”?

Made In USA

In this era of “America First,” there is a major push to increase the amount of manufacturing that happens in the United States, and buying American-made goods is viewed by many to be an act of patriotism. As a result, the promotion of a product as being “Made in USA” or “Made in America” can create a real marketing advantage that helps to boost the sales of the product.  But when can a marketer properly label or promote a product as “Made in USA”? Under U.S. laws and regulations, as a general rule, if a product undergoes its last substantial… Read more