Apr 22, 2020

You May Have Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Related Losses

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The actual policy terms are what matter This is another of our series of articles where we present a short action item related to COVID-19 topics. Many companies have insurance coverage beyond the standard commercial liability, automobile, errors & omissions, and directors and officers coverage.  Examples of this additional coverage are Business Interruption insurance, environmental insurance and for some companies engaged in the business of national and international conferences, event cancellation insurance.    Each of these could potentially be a source of insurance coverage in the COVID-19 scenario.  In this short “FYI” article, we will focus on Business Interruption and to… Read more

Aug 3, 2017

Recent Cyber Insurance Decision Rejects Claim for Computer Fraud

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A federal judge in Michigan recently granted summary judgment to Travelers in American Tooling Center, Inc. v. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America, Case No. 16-12108, United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan.  That decision interpreted the “computer fraud” provision of Travelers’ insurance policy, finding no coverage for the insured for the losses claimed. The basic facts were that American Tooling asked its vendor in China, YiFeng, for all outstanding invoices by email. American Tooling received a response by email, from an account that looked very much like the YiFeng account, and which directed American Tooling to send… Read more