Jan 6, 2021

DuPont Motion for Mistrial in PFAS Verdict Denied

DuPont Toxic chemicals

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio on Thursday denied DuPont’s request to declare a mistrial after a jury awarded damages of $50,000,000 to Plaintiffs for exposure to a type of PFAS produced by DuPont. PFAS, which are known as “forever chemicals” for their ability to persist in the environment, have been linked to cancer and other serious health problems.  DuPont’s failed mistrial Motion is the latest development in a wave of litigation with hundreds of cases pending across the U.S. against chemical companies who produced PFAS. The Ohio case is part of a long running collection… Read more

Dec 2, 2020

Representative Dingell Will Make Regulation of PFAS Chemicals Top Congressional Priority

forever chemicals

Representative Dingell (D-MICH) said on Tuesday, November 17th that legislation which would require the EPA to regulate the so-called “forever chemicals” will be reintroduced in January as soon as Congress begins its new session.  Dingell was the sponsor of the PFAS Action Act that passed the House last January, and has indicated her intention to reintroduce the bill.  If the bill passes, it would require the EPA to set cleanup standards and enforceable drinking water limits for at least some PFAS chemicals, and would also ban the chemicals from materials that could touch food and cosmetics.  Representatives in Congress will… Read more