Jun 2, 2021

Tax Trial of the Century…

Tax Trial of the Century…[1] Which does not belong: Bad, Thriller, Moonwalk, Tax Court.  Actually it is not a fair question because they all have one thing in common, Michael Jackson.  The last one being the Estate of Michael J. Jackson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue[2]. Michael Jackson died in June 2009. The Executors of his Estate filed an estate tax return reporting the value of his property, which included Jackson’s image and likeness, his 50% interest in Sony/ATV, a music catalog and music publishing business,[3] and his interest in Mijac Music, which owned musical compositions from a variety of artists,… Read more

Feb 5, 2020

When in Doubt Write it Out: Modifying, Cancelling, Revoking or Rescinding a Contract Subject to the Statute of Frauds


When entering into a contract, parties always have to ask themselves whether the contract must be written down and signed. Under the Georgia Statute of Frauds, contracts for (1) marriage; (2) sale of real property; (3) guaranteeing another’s debts; (4) terms of longer than one-year; (5) sale of goods for more than $500; (6) executor or other estate representative, promising to pay damages out of his/her own estate; (7) reviving a debt after the passage of the statute of limitations; and (8) commitment to lend money, must be in a writing and signed by the party to be charged therewith…. Read more