Jan 16, 2020

Okay, Google: Did You Violate U.S. Antitrust Laws?

Google[1] rang in the New Year with a fresh lawsuit, filed against it on November 25, 2019, looming in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia by Inform, Inc. (“Inform”), an online advertising company.[2] Nothing says “Merry, Merry” and “Happy New Year” like a fresh batch of anticompetitive claims against the search engine we all resorted to for our obligatory “what to give Dad” and “30-day cleanse” searches.  The suit alleges that “[t]o maximize [Google’s] advertising profits, to protect their valuable monopolies against potential competitive threats, and to extend Defendants’ [monopolies] globally and across digital devices,… Read more

Mar 28, 2017

Misleading Advertising: The Truncated Graph

Bar Graph Illustration

Graphs may seem like a safe, simple way to visually convey information to consumers, but they present a minefield of potential hazards for the unwary advertiser.  In this post, we will explore one minor tweak that can transform a graph from accurate to misleading: the truncated graph. First, it is crucial to understand that advertisers are responsible for all reasonable interpretations of their ads. Obviously, this includes intentionally-conveyed messages. However, it also extends to those messages that were unintentionally conveyed. Advertisers must therefore be wary of making claims that can be reasonably interpreted in a variety of different ways, or… Read more