Mar 13, 2019

California Moves to Block U.S. EPA Air Pollution Standards for Auto Emissions

California Pollution Standards: Low Emission Zone

Representatives for the California Air Resources Board have stated that they will take all legal measures necessary to block the Trump administration’s efforts to freeze fuel economy limits at nationwide 2020 levels. Under the Clean Air Act (“Act”), California has special authority to enact stricter pollution standards for motor vehicles than the nationwide standards set by the federal government. Under the same provisions of the Act, other states may adopt the more stringent California standards if they find them to be more protective of public health.  Under the Trump administration, the EPA sought to impose more lenient emission requirements in… Read more

Jan 30, 2019

Federal Shutdown Delays EPA Rule Rewrites

The recent federal government shutdown has delayed the EPA’s rewrites of Obama-Era rules, such as carbon standards for existing power plants, which may jeopardize the Trump administration’s ability to defend the rewrites in court before the 2020 presidential election. Andrew Wheeler, the agency’s acting chief told senators during his January 16th confirmation hearing that the federal shutdown paused work on the Trump’s administrations initiatives to rewrite or rollback Obama-Era climate, air, and water regulations. The EPA was in the process of reviewing comments on several major proposals, including its power plan rule and plans to weaken federal fuel economy limits… Read more

Jan 23, 2019

Citigroup Issues €1B Green Bond to Fund Renewable Energy and Conservation Efforts

green bond by Citigroup

On Tuesday, January 22, Citigroup announced the issuance of its inaugural green bond, to be used for funding renewable energy, sustainable transportation, water quality and conservation, energy efficiency and green building projects. The bond was issued via €1 billion ($1.1 billion) three-year fixed-rate notes as part of Citi’s $100 billion environmental finance goal, under which the bank has committed to financing and facilitating $100 billion over 10 years to support renewable energy and conservation efforts. The company also announced on Tuesday that it will source renewable energy for 100 percent of its global energy needs by 2020. For more information… Read more