Site Selection

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP has one of the longest standing and largest legal practices in the United States, well known for its broad industry knowledge and dedicated practitioners.

We assist our clients, primarily foreign companies, looking to locate their first or next production facility in the US. Working with strategic partners, we help our clients assess potential sites with an emphasis on the availability of qualified labor, customer locations and requirements, utility availability and costs, transportation logistics, real estate and economic incentives. While our clients are focused on selecting the highest quality site suited to their individual business needs, we assist in the negotiation of a targeted incentive package that decreases capital costs, especially during the critical startup phase of the operation, while establishing a relationship among the state and local community and the client which will benefit the client in the long term. Once our firm assists the client with negotiating a memorandum of understanding with respect to incentives, and then makes sure the incentives are properly implemented. During the critical startup phase, we work together with other practice groups in the firm to provide coordinated advice the client on corporate structure and formation, tax, real estate, design and construction, immigration and employment matters.

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