Non-Profit Organizations and Trade Associations

Non-Profit Organizations include national organizations of physicians and surgeons, a national amateur athletic association, civic organizations, charitable groups, educational institutions and foundations and religious groups, including the Atlanta archdiocese of a major religious group.

Typical help for those clients includes the following:

  • Tax planning to maintain tax-exempt status and to avoid unrelated business income tax
  • Employment issues, including compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding employee discipline, discharge, and compensation
  • Antitrust counseling to avoid claims that a trade association has violated federal and state antitrust laws in its meetings among competitors or in its standard-setting
  • Trademark filing and litigation to protect the organization’s trademarks against infringement
  • Assisting in governance of the organization, such as by-laws issues, membership meetings, and actions by the board of directors
  • Protecting trade and professional associations and their members from disparagement and unfair trade practices
  • Appearing before federal and state regulatory agencies to advance the interests of non-profit organizations and their members
  • Disputes with hotels and convention centers about meetings
  • Internal dispute-resolution activities, such as arbitration among members
  • Tax-exempt bond financing for non-profit corporations

SGR also works closely with lobbyists to advance the interests of clients in the legislative process.

More than a dozen lawyers in the Firm spend a substantial part of their time assisting non-profit organizations in legal matters.

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