Lawyers’ Professional Liability

SGR has long assisted lawyers and other law firms across numerous industries in the legal field.

At SGR, we understand the unique challenges that attorneys and law firms face in today’s complex legal landscape. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation and risk management solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of lawyers and law firms across the country.

Our experienced team of attorneys is well-versed in all aspects of lawyers’ professional liability, including:

  • Legal Malpractice Defense: Our skilled lawyers have a proven track record of successfully defending law firms and individual attorneys against claims of malpractice. We work diligently to protect the reputation and livelihood of our fellow legal professionals.
  • Litigation Defense of Claims by Non-Clients: We have experience defending claims against law firms and individual attorneys by parties to which the firm and attorneys do not owe a lawyer/client duty, including claims such as aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty, defamation, unfair trade practices, and contribution and indemnification.
  • Ethics and Disciplinary Matters: Navigating ethical issues and disciplinary proceedings can be complex. Our attorneys are well-equipped to guide you through the process and offer strategic counsel to safeguard your professional standing.
  • Risk Management and Best Practices: We proactively assist law firms in developing risk management strategies and implementing best practices to minimize the likelihood of malpractice claims.
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis: Understanding insurance coverage is crucial in mitigating risks. Our team will meticulously analyze your policies and advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available.
  • Employment Practices: We represent law firms and individual partners in connection with a wide range of employment practice matters, including claims alleging hostile work environment, sexual harassment and other forms of alleged discriminatory conduct. In addition to defending such matters, we conduct internal investigations and on-site employment practices training.
  • Professional Licensing Matters: We represent lawyers facing licensing issues, including applications, renewals, and reinstatements, with a focus on safeguarding your ability to practice law.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: In cases where a resolution outside of the courtroom is preferred, our skilled attorneys can pursue alternative dispute resolution methods to efficiently resolve disputes.
  • Counseling and Litigation for Lawyers and Law Firms: We represent lawyers and law firms dealing with sometimes difficult disputes when lawyers leave a law firm, including claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, quantum meruit issues, and the myriad of issues that may arise in disputes among partners.
  • Law Firms Without In-House Counsel: We provide practical advice and counseling on ethics and risk management issues.

At SGR our Lawyers’ Professional Liability Practice Group operates with the utmost discretion and sensitivity, recognizing the potential impact of these cases at both the personal and professional level. With a client-centered approach, we strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, responsiveness, and exceptional service.

Representative Experience

  • Won dismissal of a lawsuit by members of a securities brokerage firm against a National Law Journal 250 law firm seeking $10 million for alleged malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and unlawfully aiding and abetting and conspiring with members of the firm. The court found at the pleadings stage that the claims were time-barred.
  • Represented National Law Journal 250 firm and firm attorney in defense of claims by the opposing party of a firm client for malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and negligence. The matter was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Represented AmLaw 50 law firm and firm partner in defense of defamation and deceptive trade practices claims brought by another lawyer. The matter was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Represented AmLaw 200 law firm in defense of a third-party contribution claim brought by another law firm in a malpractice action. The matter was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Served as an expert witness in multiple cases involving claims such as legal malpractice, the law of lawyering, securities litigation, disclosure of confidential information, and attorneys’ fees.
  • Appointed Special General Counsel to the State Bar of Georgia in prosecuting a disciplinary complaint against a prominent Georgia attorney in connection with the 2020 Presidential election. SGR attorneys litigated the matter, which included two evidentiary proceedings before a Special Master appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court. While the issue of the appropriate sanction was pending before the Special Master, the attorneys’ request to transfer to Retired Status was accepted by the Bar, resulting in surrendering their license to practice.
  • Represented various Georgia attorneys in disciplinary proceedings, including the founding partner of a small Atlanta firm involving a sensitive personal matter.
  • Represented law firms and partners in connection with allegations of hostile work environment, sexual harassment and other allegations of discriminatory employment practices, including an AmLaw 20 law firm.
  • Conducted internal investigations regarding allegations of discrimination by law firms and/or individual partners, including an AmLaw 20 law firm.
  • Successfully represented a Top 20 Global 200 law firm and one of its shareholders in an action alleging professional negligence, legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duties, and related claims regarding a business transaction handled by our clients. The law firm asserted counterclaims for breach of contract and unpaid attorneys’ fees. We filed a motion to dismiss the Complaint which was granted.  Following the dismissal, we dismissed the counterclaims.
  • Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a national law firm in an action alleging that law firm owed a duty to a third party arising in part from a failure to give notice of an offer to purchase to the holder of a “right of first refusal.” The Court held, “the contractual notice obligation (of the right of first refusal‎) is personal (to the contracting party) and creates no duties on the part of third parties.”
  • Successfully defended national law firm and one of its shareholders in connection with a Justice Department investigation under the False Claims Act. The law firm faced potential exposure both from the DOJ action but also a possible malpractice claim by the former client.
  • Successfully defended a major New York City law firm against a malpractice claim by its client, an investment advisory firm, alleging that the investment advisory firm was given insufficient advice by the law firm with respect to the organization and marketing of a private investment fund that resulted in an SEC proceeding against the investment advisory firm.
  • Successfully defended a major Chicago law firm against a malpractice claim arising from the law firm’s securitization of certain copyrights of a nationally famous recording artist.
  • Successfully defended a claim with respect to a major Washington, D.C., law firm regarding a claim that the law firm allegedly took too long to review and opine on the legality of a proposed sale of a company’s restricted stock by a large shareholder, during which time the company’s stock’s price fell precipitously.
  • Successfully obtained summary judgment, which was affirmed on appeal, on breach of fiduciary duty claims in favor of lawyers and their new firm in a case filed by their former firm.
  • Successful defense of AmLaw 100 law firm in an arbitration proceeding brought by a former partner alleging breach of a partnership agreement and other claims.
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