Apr 7, 2017

Environmental / Natural Resources Law

Environmental, Energy Law

Environmental laws and regulations impact virtually every business in America, large and small, public and private. As a result, counseling our clients in the cost-effective and sensible handling of environmental matters is of the utmost importance to Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP attorneys. SGR attorneys have represented clients on environmental issues for over four decades. In 1970, one of our partners was the founding chairman of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia. Since that time, the Firm’s environmental attorneys have been leaders in responding to the expansion of environmental laws. Our Chambers-ranked Environmental Law / Natural… Read more

Mar 31, 2023

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP offers a full range of legal services to food processors, beverage companies, manufacturers, suppliers, growers, producers, wholesalers and distributors. From food safety to finance, real estate to risk management, intellectual property to international operations, we have extensive experience addressing the complex challenges facing the food and beverage industry. Americans consume approximately $1 trillion in food annually. Growing, packaging, distributing and selling what we eat creates millions of jobs and sustains thousands of support industries. Our Food and Beverage practice is dedicated to helping our clients build a better future for the food industry. Our practice… Read more

Jun 16, 2023

Global Fraud, Investigations & Asset Recovery

Fraud is complicated. While the potential loss to the client remains constant, how to discover, ferret out and recover from fraud keeps evolving. As business globalized, so too did fraud. New methods, new schemes, new hiding places, every stage is nuanced and requires a specific set of present-day skills to help navigate through the nefarious conduct and the mess left behind. Well more than typical commercial litigation, fraud investigations, intelligence gathering, and fraud litigation are art-forms unto themselves. Combining a keen understanding of the “psychology of the fraudster” or nefarious actor with progressive intelligence gathering and fast, powerful and effective… Read more

Jul 19, 2012

Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs

Our Governmental Affairs practice has extensive dealings with various government entities, including service within the government. Our expertise covers a number of governmental issues, such as: Compliance with legislation and regulations Filing public comments on proposed regulations Bond offerings and public finance Campaign contributions Representation before federal and state agencies and commissions Appeals of adverse governmental rulings Lobbying Antitrust Customs and trade Immigration Labor Public-Private partnerships Clients look to SGR’s Governmental Affairs Practice to help them navigate the often complex bureaucracies at all levels of government, thus avoiding unnecessary delays in their business operations and mitigating adverse consequences, such as… Read more

Jul 19, 2012

Insurance and Reinsurance


As disputes affecting the insurance and reinsurance industry have grown more varied and complex, so too have the legal skills and industry knowledge base required to serve clients effectively. We are immersed not just in the intricacies of reinsurance custom and practice—we also bring a deep understanding of the commercial relationships upon which industry participants depend. Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP has successfully represented a broad cross-section of participants in the insurance industry at almost every level. Whether the client is an insurer, reinsurer, agent or broker, and whether the matter is transactional, regulatory or litigation-oriented, our attorneys have the… Read more

Jan 13, 2022

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Our litigators pursue insurance recoveries for clients that need experienced insurance lawyers who are willing and able to be adverse to the biggest insurance carriers. Our clients (whether as the primary or the additional insureds) include corporations, claims administrators, insurance brokers, and individuals.  We have secured millions of dollars in coverage for our clients, often under flexible fee structures (including full and partial contingency arrangements). Our experiences include evaluation of and pursuit of coverage under a wide range of policies, including commercial general liability, excess, property, directors and officers, professional liability, and representations and warranty policies.  Representative engagements include: Securing a $14-million-dollar recovery… Read more

Oct 11, 2013

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation: light bulbs

A “win” in intellectual property litigation can take many forms. A judgment in your favor is a “win,” but a short end to litigation may be in your best business interest. We can help you strategize, decide how to proceed, execute that plan and win. SGR’s highly respected intellectual property litigation lawyers are experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and software and internet-related cases in federal, state and appellate courts and in proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our intellectual property litigation lawyers are experienced in all aspects of intellectual property law… Read more

Apr 7, 2017

Labor and Employment Practice

Eyeglasses on Laptop

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP helps companies manage the full spectrum of issues that arise in recruiting, retaining and employing a workforce. We offer labor and employment advice and litigation services to businesses employing both union and non-union labor across a broad range of industries. They include: Restaurants and other food-industry participants Manufacturers Retailers Real estate developers and property management companies Hotels and hospitality providers Financial institutions Medical-device manufacturers and other healthcare companies Broadcasters Participants in the airline and transportation industries Labor and Employment Counseling Our employment attorneys offer practical counsel aimed at minimizing legal liability arising from decisions regarding… Read more

Sep 13, 2017

Litigation / Trial Practice


With more than 200 litigators, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP’s Litigation / Trial Practice brings bench strength and deep experience to virtually any client dispute. We handle cases nationally and often across borders in a variety of subject matters, from antitrust actions to real estate disputes, and from intellectual property cases to product liability claims. We litigate state and federal trials and appeals, as well as administrative proceedings, in jurisdictions throughout the country. We also represent clients in arbitration and mediation nationally and internationally. Recognized by both Chambers USA and Best Lawyers, our lawyers regularly secure major victories across a… Read more

Jul 19, 2012



In the traditional litigation process, too many times we see parties who win the battle, in that they proceed through a trial and receive a favorable outcome. However, in many ways these clients ultimately lose the war, when you consider the time, effort and expense required to litigate a case to its conclusion. Over the last several years, we at SGR have seen increasing interest in finding ways to resolve disputes other than through the traditional court system. Some of the dispute resolution techniques that companies and individuals have turned to are fairly new, while others have been used for… Read more