EPA Expected to Release Proposal to Modify New Source Review

The EPA is expected to release a proposed rule or policy for public comment regarding changes to the Clean Air Act’s pollution permitting program known as New Source Review. On July 17, the White House Office of Management and Budget completed its review of the proposed rule (RIN:2060-AT89), which is typically the final step before EPA releases a proposal. Under the current permitting program, power plants, refineries, and other large industrial sites must implement updated pollution controls in the event a new facility is built or an existing one is amended in a way that increases emissions. Under the proposed rule, facilities would only have to obtain New Source review permits for “net” increases of pollution. These changes would allow certain businesses to build new facilities or expand existing facilities without engaging in what has been criticized as costly and time-consuming permitting requirements.

For more information regarding New Source Review, contact Phillip Hoover or Vickie Rusek.

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