Jun 3, 2020

HHS Issues Last-Minute Notice Applying Today’s June 3 Deadline to Providers Who Have Not Yet Received Second Payments from Provider Relief Fund

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Beginning on April 10, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent out General Distribution payments to Medicare participating providers. Other providers anticipate receiving a second payment, while some providers who HHS deemed ineligible for a second payment have submitted appeals which remain pending.

On June 2, HHS issued a notice stating that the June 3 deadline for submitting financial information (including federal income tax returns and March and April lost revenues) through the General Distribution portal applies not only to providers who have actually received two payments from the General Distribution, but also to providers who are seeking, but have not yet received a second payment. Providers must submit the required financial information to remain eligible to either keep or obtain the 2nd payment.

Based on this, in addition to Medicare providers who have received a second payment, Medicare providers who are seeking but have not received a second payment must submit their attestation and financial information by Wednesday, June 3.

The text of the HHS notice reads as follows:

ALERT: Providers need to take action by June 3, 2020. Providers must submit revenue information to the General Distribution Portal by June 3, 2020 to be considered for an additional payment from the Provider Relief Fund $20 billion General Distribution. Once providers submit their revenue information by June 3, 2020, if deemed qualified for additional payment, providers will then have 90 days from receipt of payment of the additional General Distribution funds to agree to the program Terms and Conditions.


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