Changes to Certain Federal and State Laws Relevant for Israeli Companies with U.S. Operations

Tax Law: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

A number of you in Israel have asked about the impact of the new U.S. tax law regime. At the time, the reconciliation process between the House and Senate versions was still underway, so it was too soon to know for sure. Now we know. There will be many updates on the Web from various sources, but my colleagues in our Employment Benefits Group have provided one which focuses on this area and will be relevant for those of who have (or who have clients who have) such arrangements in the United States. See here.

In addition, a number of States have enacted changes to their employment laws which will also take effect on 1 January. More information is here.

Finally, we are pleased to be announcing the opening of SGR’s newest office in Los Angeles effective 1 January 2018. This brings SGR to nine offices globally and with office coverage coast-to-coast. See more information here.

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