Welcome to the inaugural issue of SGR’s Environmental & Sustainability Newsletter!

For more than three decades, SGR attorneys have represented clients on environmental issues.  In fact, in 1970, one of our partners was the founding chairman of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia.  Since that time, our attorneys have been leaders in the area.

Counseling our clients in the cost effective and sensible handling of environmental and sustainability matters is of the utmost importance to SGR attorneys.  It is our goal to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve in all areas of business within this rapidly changing environment.

With this in mind, SGR has launched this newsletter to highlight the latest news of interest to environmental and sustainability businesses and professionals.  Each week, we will feature articles covering a range of topics such as industry trends, relevant changes in legislation and other significant developments in the environmental and sustainability areas.  The newsletter will also feature firm-related announcements and SGR client news.

Please also feel free to forward this newsletter to any individuals you think it may benefit.  Although we believe the information we will provide will be very helpful, you may unsubscribe by using the links at the bottom.

If you have any questions or comments at any time, please contact us at  We look forward to your feedback and will strive to make this a useful resource for you and your organization.

Best Regards,

Steve O’Day

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