U.S. Remains One of Largest and Fastest Growing Wind Power Markets

On August 6, The U.S. Department of Energy released two reports that demonstrate record growth in the U.S. wind energy market.  The two reports, which can be found here, are the 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report, which details the latest trends in the market, and the 2012 Market Report on Wind Technologies.

In 2012, wind energy became the number one source for new electricity generation capacity in the U.S. for the first time, representing 43% of all new U.S. electricity generation capacity, and $25 billion in investment.  This is before offshore wind generation starts up.  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management continues to push for wind energy development off the East Coast, scheduling lease auctions off Maryland and identifying offshore wind development areas off North Carolina.

For the latest in wind energy development information, contact Steve O’Day or Chris Bowers.

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