Turning Poultry Waste and Scrapwood into Electricity

Poultry Waste as energy

Veolia Environment SA has agreed to operate and maintain three power plants in the southeast that will generate electricity from burning wood and poultry waste.  Veolia current has a short-term contract with Georgia Renewable Power LLC to manage a Lumberton, North Carolina power plant that burns poultry litter and wood biomass.  In a deal announced on March 2, Veolia will get a 15 year operation and maintenance contract to operate the 25 MW facility and to oversee two additional sites in Georgia.  Georgia Renewable Power plans to build two biomass facilities in Georgia, each of which will have capacity to generate 66 MWs and burn 500,000 annually of construction and demotion wood, wood fuel residuals and railroad ties.  Under the agreement, Veolia would operate and maintain them, and Georgia Power will buy the output.

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