Where in the World is SGR?

A guide to the Firm's services for international clients

Smith, Gambrell & Russell’s International Practice provides our clients around the world with a myriad of legal services. As we strategically look at trends in business and legal services, we have chosen markets and regions in which to grow where we can provide the greatest value to our clients. Here is a glimpse of regions where we have most recently expanded, including the addition of the featured attorneys.

To read a full description of our International Practice and attorneys, and regions where we are growing, visit Come and grow with us!

Latin America

SGR has a vibrant practice in Latin America. Several of our International Practice attorneys work with our clients there in banking and private finance matters, and mergers & acquisitions. The Firm recently expanded its practice in this region with the addition of Roger Juan Maldonado in our New York office. Roger is a litigator who uses his fluency in Spanish to represent the interests of various Hispanic and American businesses, government entities and individuals, and to represent companies investigating allegations of corporate wrongdoing and discriminatory employment practices.

United Kingdom

SGR opened UK offices this year in London and Southampton. Our primary practices in these offices are Aviation and Air Transport. The UK has the second-largest national aerospace industry in the world and the largest in Europe. Mark TurnbullBenjamin Graham-Evans and Gareth Hawes have added a wealth of experience in the aviation industry to the Firm, allowing us to better serve our clients and establish new relationships around the world.


SGR opened an office in Munich this year. The Firm welcomed Markus Bahmann to our International Practice. Munich is known as a hub for high tech, life sciences and IP. Munich also serves as the headquarters of many German companies. This office complements the Firm’s rich tradition of representing German and other European clients in inbound U.S. work.


The Italian Practice at SGR is led by Danila Duo in our New York office. This practice works closely with our industry-specific practices, assisting Italian companies with mergers & acquisitions, site selection, IP, employment, litigation, real estate, immigration and various corporate matters. Danila, a native Italian speaker, brings with her a wealth of knowledge of both the Italian culture and the types of legal issues that Italian companies face when they seek to enter, expand or maintain their presence in the U.S.


SGR provides legal services for many Israeli companies and organizations in both Israel and the U.S. The Firm is also an active sponsor of several initiatives in Israel, including DRIVE, a new innovation center in Tel Aviv. As we grow this practice, the Firm recently added Yoram Keinan to our New York office. Yoram’s practice centers on tax law in the U.S. and Israel, focusing on U.S. and international taxation of financial products and institutions. Yoram represents multinational entities, banks, hedge funds, private equity funds and REITs.


The Korean Practice at SGR is important to the growth of the Firm. Susie Kim, an immigration partner in our New York office, works closely with many of our Korean clients. Among other clients, we represent some of the largest Korean brand names in the automotive industry. Our legal services for our Korean clients include economic incentives, site selection, corporate, immigration, bond transactions/financing, construction, environmental, commercial contracting, labor & employment, federal (and international) tax, litigation, IP, and antitrust and trade regulation.


SGR welcomed Kiyo Kojima to the Firm as a new partner. He is joined by an associate, Akiyo Hewett. Kiyo heads our Japan Practice, which advises Japanese or Japan-related companies in the U.S. and elsewhere, and U.S. enterprises on various matters in Japan.

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