The Interlex Group

Helping companies efficiently manage cross-border transactions

A client is pursuing a multi-jurisdictional acquisition that involves a manufacturing plant in Brazil, a plant in Mexico, and a distribution network and administrative headquarters in the U.S.

In this common scenario for SGR’s Mergers & Acquisitions Practice, the client might wonder whether they need to engage a law firm with offices in each of these different countries to assist with such a transaction. The answer is, “Yes, and SGR can help you.” Not only is SGR well versed in managing and advising on cross- border transactions, our membership in the Interlex Group enables us to enlist for a client’s benefit a global network of leading law firms that is larger than any single law firm anywhere in the world. This provides great client value.

What is Interlex?

The Interlex Group is an association of leading law firms around the world that cooperate to provide a complete range of international legal and business services. Founded in 1973, Interlex has since grown and prospered and today consists of 47 independent firms serving clients across 155 cities in 59 countries. Interlex’s geographic footprint offers clients coverage in more locations and countries than even the world’s largest law firms. The Interlex Group’s 9,000-plus attorneys possess the professional experience, local insight and cultural understanding to successfully support a client’s cross-border business legal needs.

All Interlex member firms take great pride in the quality and promptness of the services they provide, attributing their high standards to the strict criteria employed in the selection of member firms. Whether in Atlanta, Melbourne, Beijing, Hamburg, Mexico City or Sao Paulo, clients can be sure they will receive excellent and professional service. The quality of Interlex’s membership has been acknowledged by Chambers and Partners, the leading attorney ranking organization, through its designation of Interlex as one of only a handful of “Elite” global legal networks.

The client benefits

SGR’s Interlex network offers clients a number of additional advantages, including the benefits of member firm autonomy, local market knowledge and enhanced value. All Interlex member firms exist, operate and render their services on an autonomous basis from one another. This is a benefit for clients because, as independent firms, Interlex members will typically have fewer conflict concerns compared with larger firms.

Lastly, as a legal network, Interlex member firms are not saddled with maintaining a global back-office staff and can avoid the substantial costs associated with global branding and marketing campaigns. Similarly, there is no need for a very profitable satellite office to subsidize a less profitable one. This translates into value for clients – because Interlex member firms are not financially dependent on each other, they can offer service comparable to larger firms but at rates that are typical of midsize firms.

The bottom line

Regardless of deal geography or jurisdiction, SGR clients can be confident they will receive excellent service and value from SGR and its Interlex Group colleagues. n
























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