Childcare Testimonials

“Our son has been at Bright Beginnings since he was about 10 weeks old. He absolutely loves it. He has weekly music class, is read to every day, and has teachers who track his progress and genuinely care about his development. We get daily reports on everything he does, eats, etc. and his teachers make suggestions regarding feeding, books and other matters — which we take to heart because we know they want him to grow and succeed.”

— Attorney


“Within just a few weeks of enrolling in Bright Beginnings, my daughter’s response to a smaller class size (5 down from 16 at her other “school”) was tremendous! With more individual attention and a highly experienced teacher (not a high school kid) leading the class, her behavior has improved noticeably, and seems to be really flourishing. Bright Beginnings is one of the best things we’ve ever done for our family in a long time.”

— Legal Secretary


“I feel comfortable in knowing that my daughter is getting the educational and emotional support that she needs from the teachers and staff at Bright Beginnings. It is also a great feeling to have her close to me during the day.”

— Attorney


“The Center could not be more accessible, and is open early and late (many more hours than other places we considered). On the few occasions when our son has been sick, I have been able to get him in about 6 minutes, which provides us great peace of mind.”

— Attorney


“I am thrilled to have my children so close by when I am at work. I can even join them for lunch.”

— Attorney

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