Sustainability at SGR

Counseling our clients in the cost effective and sensible handling of sustainability matters is of the utmost importance to SGR attorneys. It is our goal to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve in all areas of business within this rapidly changing environment. In addition, SGR is translating its commitment to sustainability into action, working to implement initiatives that reduce SGR’s impact on the environment.

SGR is a partner in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge, an environmental sustainability program encouraging sustainable business practices at law firms. Through its partnership with the Climate Challenge, SGR has committed to reduce its paper usage, recycle its waste and use recycled paper where possible. SGR is exploring expanding its commitment to the Climate Challenge into other areas and throughout its offices.

SGR continues to look at other ways to improve the Firm’s environmental sustainability policies. For example, here are some steps taken by SGR:
– In its Atlanta office, SGR is utilizing paper containing at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled content for all standard in-house printing and copying. SGR anticipates expanding this practice to its other offices.
– SGR works with its Atlanta office building manager to maximize recycling of waste.
– Low-flow faucets have been installed in all of restrooms in the Atlanta office building to reduce the water consumption on site.
– Firm Personnel are encouraged to explore commute alternatives, including carpooling, public transportation, teleworking and other commute alternatives, and the Firm has showers and locker rooms on-site for employees who may choose to walk or bicycle to work.
– SGR encourages its employees to minimize use of unnecessary lighting by shutting off lights in rooms not actively being used.

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