Solid Waste Incineration Units / Emission Guidelines

Emission Guidelines: Trash Incinerator

On November 13, the U.S. EPA submitted a notice of a continuing information collection request regarding emission guidelines for existing solid waste incineration units.  The information request affects existing facilities and new solid waste incineration units – including very small municipal waste combustion units and institutional waste incineration units.  The request is seeking information regarding initial notifications, performance tests, and periodic reports by the owners and operators of the affected facilities.  The EPA is also seeking additional information on the maintenance of records and the occurrence and duration of any start-up, shutdown, or malfunction in the operation of an affected facility.  Submissions are due December 13, 2018.

Please contact Phillip Hoover with any questions, or for further assistance regarding how to submit information to the U.S. EPA or for a copy of the EPA notice.

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