SGR to Co-sponsor New “DRIVE” Innovation Hub in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

SGR is pleased to be a co-sponsor of a new innovation center in Tel Aviv, Israel called DRIVE. DRIVE was founded by the Mayer Group, an Israeli automobile importer, in partnership with Honda Silicon Valley Lab, Volvo Cars Corporation, Hertz International and Israeli telematics company Ituran. DRIVE will foster enhanced collaboration between the various partners, by supporting Israeli start-ups and entrepreneurs in various transportation and mobility technology fields.

DRIVE will select startups with unique value propositions in the smart mobility domain and will provide them with a shared workspace, mentoring and business advice, and a prototyping lab. DRIVE’s major automotive and mobility partners will share their expertise and advice with the startups, and will likewise gain access and insights into each startup’s cutting edge technology, in a symbiotic relationship.

“SGR is delighted to be a law firm co-sponsor of DRIVE and to lend our legal experience and advice to DRIVE and its startup companies, with respect to patent and intellectual property (IP) strategy and legal matters”, stated Greg Kirsch, SGR partner and Head of the firm’s Intellectual Property Department. “We have a long history representing Israeli companies and universities with respect to IP and other US legal matters, and so teaming up with DRIVE was a natural evolution of our initiatives in Israel. DRIVE is poised to provide a valuable win-win service to selected startup companies and partners in Israel, a culturally innovative country which has earned well its reputation as the ‘Startup Nation'”.

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