Serving Our Clients

Our clients prefer to do business with people who understand their business. Each SGR attorney and support professional strives to incorporate this mantra into the daily management of our work for each client.

The SGR Relationship Partner

Every SGR client has a primary relationship partner. This SGR contact serves as a single resource and “hub” directly connected to the specialty practice areas required by each client. The relationship partner knows our Firm’s capabilities and is able to marshal strong legal support from all pertinent practice areas within the Firm, without any downtime or learning curves. Specialized access into strategic practice areas is swift, precise and result-oriented. Your relationship partner has access to professionals within the Firm who are familiar with the judicial and court systems in the locales where client representation is needed. This approach facilitates a more responsive and productive business relationship.

We enjoy doing business with people and companies who share a similar focus on success, service excellence and resourcefulness.

Client-Oriented Responsiveness

We provide our clients a streamlined dynamic, internal business platform. Within this environment, our attorneys can focus on your business and its legal needs, while ensuring accuracy in all paperwork and communications.

When you choose SGR for support, know you have access to on of country’s premier groups of resourceful and strategic litigators and transactional attorneys. Your SGR attorney is focused on collecting and researching data to provide a legal strategy that is innovative, motivating and positioned for maximum impact.

Client Satisfaction

In a recent independent survey, an outstanding 97.8% of SGR’s clients said that they would recommend our firm to others. This is nearly four times more likely than Fortune 1000 executives are to recommend their primary outside law firms.

The characteristics our clients mentioned most often as the reason for their high level of satisfaction were our legal expertise, business knowledge, responsive client service, integrity and the caliber of the individual attorneys who worked with them.

What was satisfying to us about these results is that these are precisely the values that guide our firm as we hire and train our professionals and as we serve our clients.

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