Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Addresses Fracking Risks

On August 15, the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) approved its draft report addressing risks of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas drilling. 

The draft report contains a number of recommendations to address potential risks from the use of hydraulic fracturing techniques for natural gas drilling in shale formations, including:

  • formation of an industry-based organization to promote the use of best practices;
  • a manifest system to document all transfers, treatment and disposal of waste waters;
  • promulgation of a federal rule requiring broad public disclosure of all chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluid, and a limited shield for trade secrets and confidential business information; and
  • reduction of air emissions, including control of ozone precursors and control of the greenhouse gas methane.

The SEAB is taking comment on the draft report until November 18. 

Please contact Steve O’Day ( if you have any questions about the regulation of hydraulic fracturing and the legal issues surrounding same.

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