Project Counseling In Every Project Phase

Project Counseling assists clients with critical decision during every phase of project.

  • Planning: Planning for a construction project is the first step to turning an idea into reality.  Critical early decisions include identifying the professionals to help with the project, key location factors such as transportation and workforce resources, and budget and schedule requirements that define success.  Building the right project team is the foundation of a successful development.  Experienced attorneys help guide the assembly of a project team that includes design consultants, site selection specialists, and zoning and permitting expertise.
  • Project Administration: Before the first project rendering, administrative processes should be adopted to simplify and organize the project management effort.  Development projects generate thousands (or more) of text messages, emails, contracts, meeting minutes and design documents.  These document memorialize the project goals, budget and schedule, as well the inevitable deviations from those.  Experienced project attorneys facilitate simple and effective project administration ensures that project team members are communicating while capturing records of the communications.
  • Project Execution:  Making the vision a reality is the project execution phase.  This is when designs are created, earth is moved, and projects rise from the earth.  This is also the phase when minor problems can blossom into major disputes that threaten the success of the project.  Experienced project attorneys help resolve disputes before they threaten the project, while advocating for fair treatment of their clients.
  • Project Closeout: Project closeout is often overlooked as a critical component of project development.  Close out is when projects are started-up, shaken-down and debugged.  Warranty and punchlist issues can delay closing-out a project, while contractors and suppliers threaten liens and claims because final payment is being held up.  Experienced project attorneys access and mitigate risks so a project is complete and in use as quickly as possible with the least amount of angst.
  • Dispute Resolution: All projects have disputes, but some have disputes that cannot be resolved by the project participants.  These disputes require outside help such as dispute review boards, mediators, consultants, and perhaps arbitrators or a jury.  Experience project attorney help resolve these stubborn disputes with the least cost and diversion of project resources.
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