May 8, 2007

SGR Law Magazine Wins Publishing Award

ATLANTA, GA (May 8, 2007) — Trust the Leaders, the quarterly law magazine produced by Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, has been honored with the 2007 Gold Gamma award for best custom publication.

The Magazine Association of the Southeast (MAGS) bestows the Gamma awards each year on publications that demonstrate excellence in content and design, a keen understanding of core audiences, and success in delivering on intended goals. The award in the custom publishing category goes to a magazine that delivers valuable and persuasive editorial content from a sponsoring company to its target audience.

“I am personally gratified by how many clients have told me that they read each issue of our magazine from cover to cover,” said Trust the Leaders editor-in-chief Dana Richens, a partner in the corporate litigation section of Smith, Gambrell & Russell. “Hopefully, that means we’re doing something right!”

Trust the Leaders is written by top legal experts in SGR’s numerous legal practice areas. The corporate law firm distributes the magazine to its clients as an educational resource to keep corporate executives updated on current legal topics and trends. The magazine is published by Atlanta Magazine Custom Publishing.

“We take a great deal of pride in the work we do on our custom books,” said Lynne Palmer King, Atlanta Magazine director of creative services.

Smith, Gambrell & Russell started the quarterly magazine in 2002 by combining several newsletters into one high quality publication. Trust the Leaders offers articles of interest in a variety of substantive areas of the law. The current issue, for example, includes articles on electronic discovery, stock option backdating, health insurance portability, patent infringement, industrial development bonds and environmental sustainability.

The magazine can be read online by visiting: SGR Publications

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