Apr 7, 2008

Attorneys Present at SGR-Hosted IP Seminar in Germany

FRANKFURT (April 7, 2008) — Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Intellectual Property attorneys Dennis Rodgers, Scott Woldow and Suzannah Sundby were panel members at The Second IP Seminar on March 12, 2008 held in Wiesbaden, Germany. The Firm’s Frankfurt office managing partner Stefan Tiessen was an event speaker. Mr. Tiessen highlighted the importance of protecting intellectual property.

Mr. Rodgers discussed patents and the recent Supreme Court cases that have altered Intellectual Property law. Mr. Woldow spoke on trademarks, service marks, the importance of obtaining clearance opinions prior to doing business in the United States and the risks that may be encountered by overseas trademark applicants. Ms. Sundby focused on biotechnology and protecting biological inventions in the U.S.

The guest speaker at the seminar was Egon Lacher, President and co-owner of J.R. Bechtle & Company, who is a consultant specializing in assisting German companies which are looking to expand to the United States. Mr. Lacher discussed the differences in business operations in the U.S. compared to the European Union.

The event was followed by a reception for the speakers and guests.

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