House Votes to Delay Brick Kiln, Wood Stove Air Pollution Control Rules

Air Pollution from Kiln

The House has voted to delay the implementation of regulations setting limits on toxic air pollution from brick and cement tile kilns and wood fire stoves pending resolution of litigation filed to block implementation of the rules. The bill, which passed by an overwhelming majority on March 7, targets standards limiting emissions of mercury, heavy metals, and acid gases from brick and ceramic tile makers. The emission standards, which were originally issued in 2003, were challenged by industry representatives and were overturned by federal courts prior to being reissued in 2015. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate in November and is currently before the Environment and Public Works Committee, but has not yet been scheduled for a markup session. The House bill also delays the second phase of the EPA’s emissions requirements for residential wood heaters and forced air furnaces by three years. The standards require manufacturers to equip wood stoves with technology to cut emissions of fine particulate matter and other pollutants and were scheduled to take effect in 2020.

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