Guidelines Released for Georgia’s Competitive Grant Programs

The Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority(“GEFA”) released guidelines for the State Energy Program’s competitive grant funding last Friday. The funding is for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The four programs, and the total funding monies allocated to each, include: Renewable Energy ($4 million); Commercial Energy Efficiency ($2 million); Industrial Energy Efficiency ($2 million) and Residential Energy Efficiency ($2 million). In mid to late August, GEFA will hold a general conference call to further explain the application process for this funding. On August 17 GEFA will release an electronic, web-enabled application form. All applications must be submitted before August 31, 2009.

This week, GEFA also plans to release additional information on the Clean Energy Property Rebate Program under HB 473. (The competitive grant program is separate from the Clean Energy Property Rebate Program, which has a separate funding allotment of $4,495,000).

For more information on federal funding available through GEFA, contact Steve O’Day or Phillip Hoover of SGR’s Sustainability Practice Group.

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