Webinar: Partnership Preferred Returns: Identifying Capital Shifts and Recharacterization Risks

Dec 6, 2016

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP invites you to a webinar:

This webinar features Joe Mandarino and will provide partnership advisers and tax professionals with a thorough guide to the allocation and reporting challenges of partnerships with preferred return provisions in their operating agreements. The panel will discuss the tax risks to individual partners of preferred returns, describe the tax consequences of guaranteed payment treatment and capital shifts, and provide planning tools on how to navigate preferred returns in the absence of definitive IRS guidance.

Mr. Mandarino’s practice focuses on corporate, tax and finance law. He is involved with a wide variety of businesses and transactions, including experience with compliance, planning and M&A activities for partnerships, individuals and corporations. Mr. Mandarino writes and speaks extensively on a wide range of business, tax and finance topics.


  1. Target allocations and preferred returns
  2. Risk of preferred returns being characterized as guaranteed payments
  3. Capital account liquidation analysis and capital shifts
  4. Tools to protect the intended tax treatment of preferred returns


Get CPE or EA credit for this webinar. Click here to view.


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