Spotting and Combatting Reptile Theory Webinar

Oct 5, 2021

SGR Litigation Partner Jill Bechtold will host a webinar entitled “Spotting and Combatting Reptile Theory” on October 5 at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Reptile Theory has taken the plaintiffs’ bar by storm. It allows plaintiffs’ attorneys to sidestep the Golden Rule, while making a similar impression on jurors. Using Reptile Theory tactics, plaintiff’s counsel will attempt to activate jurors’ survival instincts in hopes that they will make decisions based on instinct (i.e., fear) rather than logic and reasoning. Ms. Bechtold will show how to recognize the tactic with real-life examples, and how to combat its effect.

The webinar is presented by the Florida Defense Lawyer Association and approved for 1 CLE Credit and 1 Civil Trial Certification Credit. To register, click here.

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