Drone Law: What You Need to Know

Sep 18, 2019

Join SGR attorneys and business leaders for a panel discussion on Drone Law.

Challenges and Changes in the Sky

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, in our nation’s airspace has rapidly increased, which creates many opportunities and challenges for companies, regulators, and individual operators. Please join the SGR Drone Law experts and local business leaders for a panel discussion that addresses various changes to the drone legal and commercial landscape.

Our panelists will offer information regarding the legal use of drones, such as the latest regulatory requirements, and the panel will address:

·     Commercial use of drones. Drones now are being used in construction, insurance, agriculture, and public safety, as well as many other industries. Panelists will address some of the guidelines for the commercial use of drones.

·     Regulatory rule changes. There have been notable rule changes over the past year, such as FAA waiver requirements. We will unpack some of the most significant changes from the FAA.

·     Privacy and safety concerns. Privacy and safety are concerns companies must address, specifically in law enforcement and emergency response, forest fire monitoring, weather research, and scientific data collection. How can a company navigate these concerns?

·     Technology and data privacy: Drones are collecting valuable information. Companies will need to consider to whom that information belongs and the right to use the information that is collected.

1230 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 3100
Atlanta, GA 30309

5 pm – 7 pm

*CLE Applied*

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