15th Annual Georgia Water Law & Regulation

Mar 22, 2016

As it has been for the last decade, water continues to be the number one environmental issue in the State of Georgia. Whether the discussion involves water quality or water quantity, regulators, developers, legislators, county officials, and non-governmental organizations face a tough challenge—how to maintain and preserve the State’s unique water resources while still fostering economic development throughout the state. Judging by continued litigation, whether the Georgia-Florida-Alabama Water Wars over water quantity, or property owner disputes involving water contamination, the legal landscape for water is developing rapidly. Given the fundamental importance of water to the State’s future, this seminar provides an overview of the key water laws and regulations, highlights recent lawsuits and holdings, explains recent regulatory developments and provides a forum to meet regulators and other key water professionals in the State.

SGR’s David Moore will serve as a faculty member for this program being held on March 22, 2016, at the Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Click HERE for more information.

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