EPA to Release Lead Strategy in Anticipation of Revised Soil Clean-Up Guidance

The EPA’s revised lead strategy has cleared the interagency review process, and is expected to be released later this year. The revised strategy outlines the EPA’s intent to work with other federal agencies such as the CDC to review and revise its lead soil policy which was last updated in 1998. The draft strategy states that it would set new recommendations for screening sites for remediation, and strengthen preliminary remediation goals to reduce lead exposure in accordance with the latest science. The new strategy is in keeping with the EPA’s current mandate which is designed to support all offices within the EPA in tailoring lead exposure reduction efforts to focus on underserved communities where the exposure disparities are the highest. The EPA’s strategy seeks to reduce lead exposure across media – from paint, dust, soil and air – and also includes enhanced enforcement and compliance assurance measures. For more information, please contact one of the attorneys in Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP’s Environmental Law Practice.

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