EPA Proposes Alternative Approach for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting for 24 Industries

On September 3, the EPA released a proposed rule which would require the use of an electronic verification tool by companies in 24 industry classifications to report emissions of greenhouse gas.  The purpose of the proposed rule is to allow those industries to protect sensitive information that it considers confidential business information.  The tool will be used to verify any inputs into emissions equations data that are deemed as sensitive business information without disclosing that data to the public.  Companies require the new tool to begin reporting their emissions inputs data beginning March 31, 2015.  EPA’s proposed rule would apply to:

stationary fuel combustion sources,

adipic acid production,

aluminum manufacturing,

ammonia manufacturing,

cement production,

ferroalloy production,

fluorinated gas production,

glass production,

HFC-22 production and HFC-23 destruction,

hydrogen production,

iron and steel production,

lead production,

lime manufacturing,

miscellaneous uses of carbonate,

nitric acid production,

petrochemical production,

petroleum refineries,

phosphoric acid production,

pulp and paper manufacturing,

silicon carbide production,

soda ash manufacturing,

titanium dioxide production,

zinc production, and

industrial waste landfills.

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