EPA Modifies Boiler Start-Up Requirements in Response to Industry Comments

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised its air toxics standards for major source industrial boilers in response to criticisms and comments from industry groups regarding the practicability of the rule.  The final revised rule (RIN2060-AS09), signed on November 5, 2015, updates the maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards for boilers and was promulgated in response to industry concerns over cost and feasibility in advance of the January 31, 2016 compliance deadline under the new standard.

The new rule creates an alternative definition of start-up that excludes certain testing activities and also adopts a work practice procedure that allows the use of clean fuels during boiler start-up and shutdown.  Under the new rule, sources must engage “all applicable pollution control devices necessary” to meet the emission standards within four hours after useful, thermal energy is first supplied to the boiler.  The new practice also requires particulate matter controls to be engaged within an hour of the introduction of non-clean fuels.

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